Monday, November 12, 2012

Blog Post #4: Learning to Change, Changing to Learn

Right off the bat, I am quite shocked by education being ranked the lowest in a study of IT intensiveness by the U.S. Department of Commerce, below even coal mining.  I knew that the state of education was bleak but this information was still a surprise.  Speak Up seems to think an improved use of technology in the classroom will help change education for the better. 
According to the video, kids are far more engaged outside of school than they are in it.  Educators must find a way to integrate the technology with which students are far more familiar and comfortable with into the classroom to better engage kids in the learning process.  Many of the speakers on the video envision a classroom that is not necessarily composed of “brick and mortar.”  The online classroom may be the future of learning, where students only meet to supplement what they are learning outside through group activities and social networking. 
It’s no surprise that the proper use of technology in the classroom can have a positive impact on students’ learning.  Technology has advanced to such a point that it is an integral part of a child’s day.  They use it to communicate with their peers and research information, among other things, I educators should be able to find a way to bring what they already know into the classroom to help them learn.
Although there are many possibilities for using technology with students, technology can also help teachers connect with other teachers in an unprecedented way.  The ability to communicate with other educators and share ideas creates a global community for teachers to hone their craft and better serve the students.  This is where technology excites me the most.  Teachers are no longer isolated in the classroom and expected to create amazing lessons from scratch.  There are so many technology resources from which teachers can learn new ideas and collaborate with others to become more effective educators.
Technology may have many benefits in store but it is up to this new generation of teachers and students to find way to integrate it successfully.  The ability to do so will, ultimately, drive the classrooms of the future and benefit students for generations to come.

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  1. I watched a different video and am therefore equally shocked that Education is ranked so low in IT preparation. This needs to change.

    Great Reflection, Happy American Flightless Bird Day