Sunday, September 9, 2012


This is a photo of one of the air conditioning vents in my classroom.  I took a picture of it because the A/C does not work in our class.  Recently, this has meant opening the windows but there is no breeze, the weather is hot and humid, and when 41 kids are piled into a tiny room, it is very uncomfortable.  I think this is an injustice for the students because a.) ours is only one of a couple rooms without A/C and b.) the students have difficulty focusing and staying on task partly because the heat is so uncomfortably distracting.


  1. It is very distracting and almost impossible to get work done when you are hot. Something as simple as no air conditioning could cause kids to lose concentration in school.

  2. It is generally hard to focus when you feel like you might pass out at any moment. I observed an AP Government class that also had no A/C, the teacher had 3 floor fans set up and it helped a bit but he had to yell the whole class.