Sunday, August 26, 2012


My name, Collin, was chosen quite simply because my mother knew a Colin when she was in middle school and said she always loved the named.  The second "L" was added because my grandmother said the original spelling looked as though it should have been pronounced as "colon."  This was deemed unacceptable by my grandmother (although the pronunciation seemed to have no ill effects for Colin Powell), so an extra "L" was added and history was made.

My last name, Elliott, is a Scottish name and comes from the Elliott clan which inhabited the island.  My last name is often confused with my first name leading many to refer to me as Elliott Collins.  While this is, admittedly, a fine sounding name, it is not my name.

My nickname among friends is Gene, my middle name.  The name comes from my great uncle on my father's side and is also my father's middle name.  I've never been particularly fond of my middle name, which is why for a long time I refused to share my middle name with anyone who asked.  Once my friends found what my middle name is, they've referred to me as Gene ever since.

My name is misunderstood somewhat frequently.  I don't have any entertaining stories on this subject other than to say that people, mostly over the phone, mistake Collin for Paul.

If given the choice, I would keep my name just the way it is.  I have no desire to change it and I like the way Collin Elliott sounds.  My middle name is still up for debate, however...

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