Monday, March 7, 2011

Filming Compassion

The article "Filming Compassion" by Janet Bremer and Marilyn Clark for "Learning & Leading with Technology," is a great example of just how much advancing technology is assisting learning in our schools.  Students now have incredible capabilities with video production that help to create fun and engaging activities that incorporate various learning skills.

I can remember creating video projects when I was in school and video was always the most fun and exciting platform to create projects with.  However, at that time, we did not have the advanced computer technology and easy-to-use programs specifically designed to create, edit and produce high-quality movies that exist today.

Additionally, the process of making a movie itself incorporates many skills such as working collaboratively and critical thinking.  Being able to create an effective movie requires an understanding of a wide variety of tools and techniques.

Furthering the educational impact, students who are asked to make movies as part of a service learning project are getting the additional benefits of learning about the subject they are filming and doing a public service.  In practice, service learning movies help make students "experts" about the topic they are filming and helping to enlighten others about they're assigned topic.

Aside from all the practical skills students are putting to use in creating these service learning movies, at the end, the students have a tangible creation that is truly helping the community.  It helps to create a sense of pride and reward for their efforts that is a sort of instant gratification.

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